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Wasp Control

Wasps can be very aggressive and there are very few times when a wasp nest should go untreated. Often the first thing a home-owner knows is when they disturb the wasp nest and are stung several times. If we treat your wasp nest we will be using an insecticidal dust. We use a pole system and can generally reach wasp nests at any height on a domestic premises

Pest Controls worst enemy the Garden ant on a leaf

Ant Control

Ants can cause chaos though there foraging into your premises, once the ants have found a food that is to their liking in your premises, they will carry on relentlessly. We can control your ants with targeted insecticide and insecticidal baits.

Cockroach eating its supper of white bread in a kitchen in Sunderland

Insect Control

One off spray treatments for pest insects, cockroaches, fleas, earwigs, woodlice, silverfish, etc. or a regular inspections to ensure you aren’t infested and to give advice on how not to become infested.

Closeup of head and antennae of a bedbug.

Bed bug Control

Bed bug are on the increase, many nursing homes, hospitals, hotels and B&B’s are having problems. Over the past few years we have helped hundreds of customers say goodbye to bed bugs once and for all. Bed bugs are controlled with insecticidal sprays and sometimes insecticidal dust. We can also treat your bed bug infested belongings in our Heat Pod.

Rat peeping out of a pipe with green water behind it

Rodent Control

Mice and rats are a constant nuisance throughout the whole of the north east, We can come to your premises and carry out a course of three inspections for a one off fee. Rodents are controlled using traps or toxic baits

Feral pigeons lined up on a fence adjacent to a ledge in Sunderland town centre

Pigeon Control

Bird fouling on buildings not only looks unsightly but it can cause structural problems and eat into the building materials because of the acidity of the droppings. Droppings can also cause a health and safety issue by making walkways slippy underfoot.

We offer Pigeon, Starling and Seagull Control using netting, bird spikes, bird wire and Avishock

Seagull and fly problems on waste reception sites ad landfills

Fly Control

Using state of the art equipment to treat rubbish heaps, waste treatment and recycling facilities ensuring the operator doesn’t fall foul of the Environment Agency

Urban fox looking worse for wear. Showing that fos control is necessary in city centres

Mammal Control

Urban foxes, rabbits and feral cats can become a nuisance in the wrong environments and unfortunately control is sometimes necessary.

Fly Screens

Fly screens offer a line of defence against flies and flying insects, Environmental Health Officers will often ask Restaurant and Catering company owners to fit fly screening.

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