1000 homes overrun by bed bugs

Bed bug eggs on a bed frame

Bed bug eggs on a bed frame in Sunderland

Figures released by the city council show that more than 1000 homes have been overrun in Govanhill alone. The local authority is desperately trying to destroy the insects which breed after feeding on human blood. One councillor admitted that bed bugs are a problem across the entire city but Govanhill is a “particular hot spot”.

The local authority ordered a “block-by-block” deep clean of homes in the south side after the infestation was revealed by the Evening Times last year. A dedicated team of five specialist bug busters have been battling the insects in Govanhill since the beginning of the year. A council spokesman said: “In the past five months, 820 cases of insect infestation have been dealt with by the dedicated team in Govanhill. These cases relate to existing calls from residents.

“There are 280 cases arising from existing calls which the team will now focus on. “We are aiming to reduce the number of existing cases by a further 140 before beginning on the block-by-block treatments towards the end of May. This will see the number of existing cases drop further still.

“The block-by-block treatments will cover the same addresses as those done on a case-by-case basis, so we are leaving nothing to chance “In short, good progress is being made.” Labour councillor for the Southside Central ward, Soryia Siddique, welcomed the figures. She said: “Having raised the infestation issues, the successful campaign has resulted in Glasgow City Council committing additional funding which allowed the recruitment of a dedicated environmental team for Govanhill.

“I welcome the reduction in cases but I will continue to work towards complete eradication.” Ward colleague, SNP councillor Mhairi Hunter, agreed that the council has more to do to see off bed bugs for good. She said: “Beds bugs are a problem all over Glasgow but Govanhill has been a particular hot spot, perhaps because people don’t have the finances to deal with it. “It’s been a huge task for the council to deal with because they need to do entire blocks. It’s been a long process but I think progress has been made. A difficult problem is being dealt with in the right way.”

She added: “We can’t say that problem has been solved yet but I do feel quite positive that they are making a difference.”

This is a bad outbreak. Bedbugs in Newcastle are still being reported on a weekly basis,  bedbug in Sunderland are a little bit slower at a call every other week. Bedbugs in Durham a little bit less often. Bedbugs in South Shields are very active at the moment.

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