£3000 fine for food shop in Scunthorpe.

Pest Mice, Pest ControlThe store owner who appeared in the Magistrates court on Wednesday 5th of December was found guilty of 5 food hygiene offences and fines a total of £3000. The charges included general hygiene as there was a live mouse in the premises.

local councillor said “Food hygiene offences are taken very seriously in Scunthorpe and we will not stand for it, we have to protect the public at all cost”.


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No mention in the report as to whether the shop owner had pest control or not. If any shop is selling foodstuffs or preparing food onsite it is in the owners interest to hire in a professional pest control contractor.  Pest controllers can advise on how to keep your goods from being contaminated by pests, advise on proofing to deny pests entry into your premises and should the Environmental Health Officer pay you a visit, we can be there to help with any pest control related matters.


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