A £40,000 fine for a mouse infested bakery in Luton

A mouse eating bread in a bakery. Pest control would be required

Luton magistrates court fined a local bakery £40,000 for running a appallingly unhygienic business.
Environmental Health Officers inspected Meads Bakery and found hygiene related problems aswell as a serious mouse infestation. The owner Sunderam Premanand is now banned from ever managing a food business again because of his previous convictions for similar hygiene related issues.

The Environmental Health Officers found fruit flies swarming around the premises and the owner admitted to the Environmental Health Officers that his pest controller had trapped sixty eight mice over a 5 week span.

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Again the original news article doesn’t mention much about the pest control contractors involvement. Did Mr Premanand have ongoing pest control or did the pest controller just call now and again? Where there recommendations in place from the pest controller advising on proofing measure to deny the mice access to the premises and advising on hygiene measures to stop contamination?

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