A mouse infestation closes Sainsbury’s in Bayswater

The Environmental Health Officers have closed down the Bayswater Sainsbury’s because of a serious mouse infestation.

The Environmental Health Offices posted a notice on the entrance way into Sainsbury’s that told the customers “The shop is closed because of an infestation”.

The spokesperson from Sainsbury’s advised of their high standards of and that the incident was isolated. They went on to say how they had taken the matter seriously and were working with the local pest controller to get the matter in hand as fast as possible.
James Armitage, A food  H&S Manger from the local council said “Sainsbury’s at Bayswater has an serious ongoing mouse infestation, the EHO took fast action to protect the members of the public.

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This is why it always pays to listen to your pest controller, and carry out recommendations as they are put forward.

Should a case like this go to court Sainsbury’s can hopefully show the reports their pest control firm have left for them after every visit and say that the recommendations were acted upon. This way they will be showing due diligence

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