Another pest control horror story from down south.

Another bakery has been closed due to being infested by mice and rats

A brown rat, pest control can help restaurant owners with scores on the doors

The Walthamstow site of Aadams Bagel Bakery was closed by Environmental Health Offices after they found dead mice and mouse droppings throughout. Packs of food used for the bagles had also been damaged by the rodents. The floors had rat holes in them and it looked like the infestation had been ongoing for a long time.

The store was hit with an emergengy prohibition order and ordered to close its doors until the Environmental Health Officers were no longer a risk to public health in the area.


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I find it amazing that a food premises could be without pest control and regular pest prevention inspections. Thankfully these horror stories always seem to be down south and not in Sunderland Newcastle or Durham.

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