Another store fined over ‘severe’ mouse infestation – thankfully not in Sunderland

Mouse control is an important part in controlling pest mice in Newcastle

Morden Food Store on London Road, was closed and the owner fined after a member of the public called the Environmental Health Offices and tipped them off about pigeons that were roosting aove the fresh fruit outside the shop. The pigeons were fouling the fruit below.

When the Environmental Health Offices visited the store they not only found the pigeon roosting above the sign, but they also found a serious ongoing mouse infestation. The Environmental Health Offices immediately closed the Morden Food Store and instructed the owner Mr Syed Waqar to destroy all contaminated foodstuffs, clean and disinfect the store and put pest control measures in place with a local pest controller.

Mr Syed Waqar was fined £1500 at Richmond Magistrates Court for the 9 food hygiene offences he pleaded guilty too.

A Local councillor added  “All of our environmental health officers try their best to help out local eatery’s, restaurants and businesses and to avoid closing premises. But when it comes to serious public health offences, these I am afraid cannot be put up with”

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The reason for the closure seems to be the pigeons roosting on the sign and fouling the produce below and a mouse infestation.
If the shop owner had ongoing pest control both of these issues would have been mentioned on a report and hopefully actioned by the owner. Saving him a lot of money and customers. 

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