Are You Looking for Bird Control in Gateshead?

Have you got a pest-infestation that you are in need riddance of in a prompt fashion? Are you looking for bird control in Gateshead? At Pest Pro Environmental Services, we are proficient in numerous issues relating to pest control – from wasps and general insects, to rodents and live mammals, we ensure that you are left satisfied that the problem has been dealt with. We have various channels that you can get in touch by – take a look at the details below and give us a call.

Here at Pest Pro Environmental Services, we do not go about our business for no reason – when we conduct bird control in Gateshead, it is due to viable factors. Feral pigeons, for example, can carry transmittable diseases, as well as ectoparasites, in their droppings. Not only this, but can cause damage to building materials, such as corrosion and discolouration, due to their high acidity. If you are not convinced by the possible risks associated with un-checked bird problems, we advise you to take a look at our dedicated page outlining the importance. Here, you can read up and educate yourself on the problems that can arise from feral birds, as well as browse through a gallery of pictures we have compiled that document the damage than can be caused.

We recognise that when you are looking for a company that can provide you with a professional service regarding bird control in Gateshead, you would like to ensure that you are in reputable hands. To this end, we encourage you to browse through any one of our numerous, five-star google reviews here, to put to bed any niggling doubts you may have. Pest Pro Environmental Services is here to provide you with an efficient, professional and humane solution regarding bird control in Gateshead; for all your pest control related problems, we want to hear from you, and now it is easier than ever to get into contact with us. 

For those that would like to put any questions or queries that they may be harbouring into writing, they can do so by sending an email to, or via our user-friendly contact form on our website. In either instance, our wonderful team in the customer service department will endeavour to respond to you in a timely fashion. If you would prefer a more personal discussion, our team will happily field any inquiries over the phone – simply give us a call on our freephone or office lines, on 0800 1971865and 0191 486 2402 respectively.