Are you facing issues with birds nesting and roosting in your building? Are you in the need of professional bird control in Middlesbrough? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Pest Pro Environmental Services. We are pest professionals who offer a wide range of pest control services across Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and Cleveland. As a business, we are able to help both commercial and residential clients, and if you’re struggling with pests in your property, then get in touch with us today, and a member of our team will be on hand to assist you.


How we tackle Bird Control Issues in Middlesbrough


Here at Pest Pro Environmental Services, our bird control service in Middlesbrough is provided by a team of expert pest control technicians who are BPCA qualified, and they have the most knowledge of dealing with a vast range of pest related problems effectively. As a business, we aim to work in a discrete manner, so you can continue using your property without any disruption. We provide a wide range of resources and methods that can prevent pigeons and other nuisance birds from finding their way into your property; some of these things include pigeon netting as well as bird spikes, Avistrand spring and wire systems along with Avishock bird deterrents and other high-quality solutions.


How Nesting Birds can Cause Problems at your Property


Dealing with birds that reside and nest in different areas of your property can be a problematic and often a huge inconvenience. Nesting birds can cause many health and safety issues, as they are known for carrying over multiple transmittable diseases that can harm human health. Their droppings are also highly acidic which can cause corrosion to buildings and vehicles, as well as leaving hard to remove stains. Regardless of problems the physical birds bring, their nests can also bring a whole new set of issues too. As the nests are made from dry materials which can easily catch fire or block important drainage pipes leading to floods. It is vital to carry out bird control in Middlesbrough to ensure your property is safe and free pests.


Bird Spikes and Other Bird Control Solutions


As leading bird control experts in Middlesbrough, we know the longer you leave any bird to nest in your property, the harder it will be to remove them. Birds become very territorial and will return to a place they feel safe in even if they have been moved on to rebuild their nests. It is vital that once you notice a bird issue no matter how small or large it is, you act fast and get in touch so we can provide you with the resources you need in order to tackle the issue accordingly. From a business perspective, if you don’t manage these pests accordingly, you are neglecting your responsibility in terms of health and safety towards the users of your building.


To learn more about bird control in Middlesbrough, then get in touch with us today. Here at Pest Pro Environmental Services, we have helped multiple commercial properties and residential home owners, rid them of their pest problems. For more information about our bird control services, get in touch with us on 0191 486 2402, and a member of our team will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, can send us a message using our contact form on our website, and we’ll get back to you shortly.