Bird Control Sunderland

Are you having problems with unwanted birds at your property? We offer an incredible bird control service Sunderland. Here at Pest Pro Environmental, we provide a complete, professional, cost-effective services in both commercial and domestic properties. Our helpful and professional team are always on hand to solve your pest problems quickly with no hassle at all.


We pride ourselves on providing our wide range of services for bird control in Sunderland in a courteous, timely efficient manner. Our response times are second to none and we understand how important it is to remove all pests as soon as possible. We will, therefore, not just remove the pests but also on completion of our treatment provide you with recommendations to ensure they don’t return.


Birds can be a real nuisance when they nest or roost in unwanted areas and they can cause many issues. Feral pigeons are one of the most common types of birds in the UK and mass nesting is common as pigeons are a community flocking bird. As a homeowner, your gutters, window air conditioners and empty air conditioner containers, chimney pots, and external ledges are often used as nesting sites. Feral pigeons’ droppings and nesting materials both negatively impact our surroundings by creating health and safety issues and detracting from buildings architectural features. Their droppings and nesting materials carry transmittable diseases and ectoparasites and unfortunately, their nests frequently clog drains and cause floods and also posing a fire risk.


Installing our bird control products in Sunderland is a humane way to deter birds from landing, roosting or nesting. There is a wide variety of products that can help with your bird issues and our team will be able to discuss them with you to find the best option for your property. Two of the most common solutions for bird control in Sunderland are netting and spikes. People use our netting to stop feral pigeons roosting on buildings and nesting on rooftops or the fascia of a building. It has been proven to be by far the most successful type of bird control in Sunderland and is used to protect many structures against not just pigeons but also other birds such as seagulls, starlings, house sparrows and crows.

If you would like to speak with someone about pigeon netting or any of our other products for bird control in Sunderland then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 1971865 or 0191 486 2402. A member of our team will discuss your issues in more detail and will be able to provide you with a pricing estimate on the various solutions that may work for you. Alternatively, you can email as directly at, with an overview of the problems you’re experiencing.