Pest Control in the Durham Area

If you are struggling with pests and require professional pest control in Durham, then Pest Pro Environmental Services is here to help. We offer our extensive range of services for pest control in Durham, Newcastle, Cleveland and Sunderland. With a huge amount of knowledge and experience about the control of pests including; insects, mammals and rodents – just to name a few, we have been able to provide cost effective removal and preventative solutions for both domestic, and commercial clients. Our website holds a wealth of information about all of our products, so to get a more in depth understanding of what each of our services entail, please take the time to browse through our site. 


How Can Pest Pro Environmental Services Help you in the Durham Area?


Pest Pro Environmental Services are able to help you with all manner of pest control in Durham. With our team of talented and experienced  individuals, all of whom have been trained to the standards of the British Pest Control Association, will quickly and efficiently deal with your pest problem. We are able to help commercial businesses, such as restaurants, hotels and supermarkets where there is food and large amounts of people, to effectively remove the pests, and find the cause of the infestations, where we will then offer solutions to block the source.


When carrying out pest control in Durham our team offers no judgement and will address all infestations with professionalism. We make sure that we are discreet, so for commercial clients we will happily carry out inspections or treatment after hours or during less busy times of day. Our team is qualified to choose and carry out a range of pest control methods including, but not limited to, sprays, traps and chemicals, which allow for humane control. 


As well as taking control of infestations that are already in progress, our pest control in Durham  are also able to supply products that will act as deterrents and preventative measures, in order to avoid future pest invasions. A few examples of these products include; pigeon netting and spikes, humane traps, and fly and insect screens. Our removable services, such as the removal of bird droppings and wasp nests are also helpful methods of pest control in Durham.


Why is Pest Control so Important? 


Pest control is important because many pests, and their droppings, that are part of our everyday life carry diseases which can be seriously harmful or fatal. When there are large infestations of these pests, the chance that the diseases can be passed to us is much greater. Therefore, it is essential from a health perspective that pests are kept under control. 


Control of insect infestations are important because as well as carrying diseases, they can cause stings, allergic reactions, itchiness, and can get into food. This makes for an uncomfortable and unhygienic environment. Using professionals is important, because while it may seem that you have gotten rid of the infestation, you may not have detected the source of the problem, which ultimately means that the pests will keep returning. 


Want to Speak to Our Team?


If you are interested in using our services for pest control in Durham, then call us on 0191 486 2402 to discuss your issue with us. Our enquiry form is also available on our contact page, for you to leave your contact details and message.