Pest Control in the Gateshead Area

If you have been trying to find a reliable company for pest control in Gateshead, then welcome to Pest Pro Environmental Services. We are a professional business who strive to help domestic and commercial clients in the Cleveland, Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham areas, deal with pests. Our knowledge and experience of the industry has given us the advantage of being able to control a large variety of pests, in the correct manner. We offer our services at competitive prices, which are great value for money for the products, service and results that you will have after hiring us. 


What Pest Control Services do we Offer? 


Our team of expertly trained technicians are on hand to carry out services on pests such as; foxes, rabbits, rats, mice, birds and insects. Our services for pest control in Gateshead begin with an inspection of the pest problem. From our findings we will use our knowledge and access of control solutions, to suggest a method that is best suited to your property and type of infestation. 


We make sure that our services are carried out with the greatest efficiency, so that the infestation does not have the time to grow further and cause more damage. We also understand that the presence of pests in your property can be a source of embarrassment, which is why we take precautions to work on your problem discreetly. 


Our pest control in Gateshead offers solutions such as; dusts, sprays, removals, traps and more. All of our team are capable of carrying out any of these methods, with ethical and high standards, and will make an informed judgement call on what will work best for your specific situation. We will make sure that the infestation is cleared and the source of the problem, such as holes, cracks or food, is identified and then blocked or removed.


As our team are NPTA accredited and trained to the British Pest Control Association standards, you can be sure that we will choose a method of control that is humane. This is why it is important to hire professional pest control in Gateshead, to ensure that there are no issues with animal cruelty. By hiring professional pest controllers, you also know that your job will be completed, without any traces left behind, which would result in the pests returning. 


Once the infestation is dealt with, our experts will then be able to properly set up preventative measures such as spikes, nets and traps in order to deter pests in the future. We offer regular pest control in Durham, to commercial clients such as restaurants and supermarkets, in order to make sure that health regulations are kept to a high standard. We will happily help you find a solution that will keep pests away, for affordable prices. 


Want to Learn More?


If you would like our help with pest control in Gateshead, then you can send us the details of your pest problem through our enquiry form. Alternatively, to speak to a member of our staff directly, please call 0191 486 2402. For more facts, news and a more detailed explanation of our treatments, please visit our website.