Do you require assistance with some of the most common pests, pigeons, on your business premises? If so, don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Pest Pro Newton Aycliffe today. We are known for the industry-leading services we provide for pest control in Newton Aycliffe and the surrounding areas, so you can trust you’re in safe hands when you turn to our team. No matter what your current situation may be with pigeons on your business premises, we will do all we can to assist you. 


How can Pest Pro help with pigeons in Newton Aycliffe?


Thankfully, there are many different things that a professional team offering pest control services in Newton Aycliffe can do to help with common pigeon issues. From laser bird dispersal systems and pigeon/bird spikes to bird deterrent systems and pigeon netting, you have plenty of different options to choose from when it comes to handling unwanted pigeons. If you’re unsure which solution would be best for your business premises, a member of our experienced team will be able to provide you with their professional option.


All business owners should however note that the longer pigeons and pest birds are allowed to nest or roost in unwanted areas, the more difficult it can be to then prevent them from doing so. For this reason, ensure you’re taking a proactive approach when dealing with this type of pests and calling in a team like ours that specialises in pest control in Newton Aycliffe. 


Why do many business owners want to control pigeons on their premises?


There is no denying that feral pigeons and any other pest birds can cause a whole host of issues for business owners which often leads to requiring pest control in Newton Aycliffe. Unfortunately, it isn’t just their droppings and the fact that they discolour and corrode building materials that can be frustrating, it is often them nesting or roosting in unwanted areas, sometimes both inside and outside of your premises that can cause the most problems. 


The fact that the pigeons are nesting in/on your premises is a nuisance in itself but, knowing that this can actually create health and safety issues is often a big concern for business owners too. Unfortunately, birds, their droppings and their nesting materials all carry transmittable diseases and ectoparasites and, it goes without saying, that this is something all business owners are conscious of. There are also many other reasons why business owners call our team for assistance with pigeons and you can read about this over on our website


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All in all, our team here at Pest Pro Environmental Services understand just how frustrating all pests, and especially pigeons, can be at business properties and you can rest assured knowing that we have the knowledge and skills required to assist you in this regard. If you’d like our team to come and help with the current issues you’re experiencing, please don’t hesitate to contact us for bird and pest control in Newton Aycliffe. You can call us directly on 0800 1971865 or 0191 486 2402 and we will provide you with some immediate advice before arranging a convenient time for our pest control specialist in Newton Aycliffe to visit your premises.