Pest Control Service – Stockton

No-one likes an outbreak of unwanted rodents or insects, after all, they pester you and your home all day. Fortunately, there are several pest service providers, such as Pest Pro Environmental Services, who offer pest control in Stockton, where we can attend to your location and help with removing and preventing any pests from returning. Whatmore, you will be pleased to hear that we have the capability to deal with a large number of pests, so we are certain we can help you with your pest problem.


When we are first contacted regarding pest control in Stockton, we will first aim to find out as many details as we can before we arrive. This is because each pest proposes a different threat, as well as often requiring a separate process of removal and prevention. Looking at wasps as an example, it’s highly likely that they are currently in hibernation in a safe, dry area such as your loft or shed due to the winter weather. Not only does the wasp have a suitable living space, but they would likely have reproduced in that time – soon enough creating a wasp nest. 


For that reason, if you contact us for pest control in Stockton regarding wasps, our team will look to use two different chemicals to help with the removal. The first, Ficam-D, is insecticidal dust where the active ingredient is 1% bendiocarb dust. Whereas, the second option is a fast knock-down insecticide called Insectaban, with the active ingredient being 0.23% Permethrin. By doing this, we can attempt to push the wasps to leave the nest, and we will also then begin to use an extended pole to remove the nest from its placement. 


Having said that, regardless of the pest control service in Stockton that we carry out, you can rest assured knowing that our team can assist. All of our technicians and staff are trained to BPCA Level 2 standards, as well as attending training regularly to ensure that our team utilise the best practices available. Not just that, but our team has skills to carry out an efficient but discreet pest control service at all times. 


So, if you are in dire need of pest control services in Stockton, look no further than the experts, Pest Pro Environmental Services. You can easily reach us by calling 0191 486 2402, where one of our experts will be on hand to provide free advice on dealing with pests until one of our specialists arrives to assist. For general questions or enquiries, we recommend sending us an email via our contact page, where you can expect a reply within a single working day.