Pest Control Stockton

Are you looking for a company that provides successful pest control in Stockton? Then Pest Pro Environmental can help. Our team of BPCA qualified technicians provide expert pest control services in domestic, industrial, retail and commercial premises. We have provided our services to government buildings, schools, housing associations, restaurants, hospitals, retail premises and many other places. 


We offer a cost-effective way to protect your business from unnecessary risks and litigation. Our team specialises in pest control in Stockton, working closely with businesses to carry out site surveys that allow us to better understand the vulnerabilities of your particular business and we offer proposals to ensure your compliance with all pest-related regulations. Our team will provide you with a full report providing recommendations that will keep your building pest-free. These surveys can be carried out monthly, six weekly bi-monthly, or quarterly depending on the specific needs of the business. For example, businesses in the food industry will require more frequent visits, to eradicate any pest issues.


Insects and rodents can pose a strong health and safety risk to any business and many pests carry harmful bacteria and disease that can put your employees and customers at risk. Some of our standard steps for pest control in Stockton that you can complete yourself include maintaining a clean environment around your property to prevent attracting pests and making your premises pest proof, it can be difficult to completely prevent pest entry but there are things you can do to make it less favourable to pests. 


If you do think you have a pest problem then early detection is imperative if you want to control and eradicate an infestation. You should immediately contact us for pest control in Stockton that is beyond your limits of control, it is easy to find information on most topics via the internet, and there are a number of pest control products that can be bought across the counter for the non-professional user. However, if you do encounter pest activity that you feel you can’t tackle yourself then seek help from a professional. 


At Pest Pro, all of our solutions for pest control in Stockton can be tailored to help protect your specific business. Our team will help you to build a customised protection program specifically for your needs. We will also carry out our services outside of your normal business hours in order to prevent disruption of customers and normal business activity and our team are always conscious and respectful of their surroundings when working. 

If you think your business needs any of the services we offer for pest control in Stockton then get in contact with us today. Complete our contact form providing us with your contact details and a short message about the services you require, we will then get back to you as soon possible assisting you in any way we can. Alternatively, you can call us directly on 0191 486 2402.