Biscuit beetle


The beetles are about 2 – 3mm long and light brown to red brown in colour. Their bodies are covered with fine, silky hairs, and they have distinct grooves in their wing covers which can easily separate them from Tobacco beetle. Biscuit Beetles have antenna that end in three enlarged segments.


Similar to Tobacco Beetle.


The first step in control of the tobacco and biscuit beetles is to find the source of the infestation. This means inspecting all of the dried foods in the infested cabinets or drawers. Once the infested material is found, it should be destroyed. Insect Monitors are essential in commercial situations to highlight infestations. Infested commodities can be treated (usually be fumigation) or destroyed, whilst the building fabric can be treated with residual insecticides.

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Drawing of a biscuit beetle on of the many pest species that can infest bakery's