Boscarn Park travellers reveal rat infestation living hell

An INFESTATION of rats is making life at a travellers’ site unbearable and Cornwall Housing is failing in its duty to address it, a resident has claimed.

The resident, who said he wished to remain anonymous because he feared reprisals, said conditions were at their worst in all the years he had lived at the site: Boscarn Park at Tregajorran, Carn Brea.

“There’s just nothing being done about all the problems here, and all we want is equal treatment,” he told the West Briton.

“Just before Christmas we started having a major problem with rats; they ate their way through the plasterboard into the utility area, and some people even moved out of their homes as a result.

“If this happened in any other council estate the work would be carried out immediately.” He said he and other travellers on the site paid full council tax, rent, electric and water bills and should be treated in the same way as other housing tenants.

He also complained about sub-standard, damp shower blocks and of plots being too close together and without proper divisions, saying he feared that if there was a fire it would quickly spread across the whole site. “The caravans are too close and there’s no fire protection whatsoever,” he said. “Over winter I’ve been afraid to light my fire in case a spark ends up causing a big blaze. “There should be a kitty for improvements to the site that can be used as and when it’s needed, but instead the money we pay just disappears into the hands of Cornwall Council, who say that they can’t afford to carry out the work.” In a statement, Cornwall Council said: “At the beginning of last year Cornwall Housing completed a programme of Homes and Communities Agency (HCA)-funded works which saw a number of improvements to pitches. “As the HCA funding needed to be spent by the end of March 2015, the work was prioritised to deliver maximum benefit, but this meant some pitches were not improved.

“Cornwall Housing intends to undertake similar improvements to the remaining pitches once funding becomes available and we are currently in the process of planning these improvements to the site.

“With regard to the reports of rats, baiting has commenced, which will continue on a monthly

Brown rat with nose in the air scenting for food in newcastle city centre