Cake Factory Outlet and Clearance Cakes Direct issue recall after Food Standards Agency visitAfter a FSA visit to the manufacturing premises of Cake Factory Outlet and Clearance Cakes Direct of  Boldon, a recall notice has been issued due to mould, expired label dates and a rat infestation.

Many items are re-branded by the firm including cakes,biscuits, sweets. puddings and tarts.

A range of bakery products are reported to be mouldy, past their ‘best before’ date and contaminated as a result of rat infestation at the premises.

The Cake Factory Outlet was given a “ZERO” rating by the Boldon Metropolitan Council, which means the premises requires urgent improvement.

It has not been possible to obtain full distribution details or to be certain about the extent of distribution. The products are thought to be sold via market stalls across the north west of England, including markets in Clitheroe, Blackburn, and Manchester (Smithfields Market). Further investigations by the local authority are ongoing.


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