Check your bedsheets! Britons warned of invasion of blood sucking BEDBUGS

Bed bug control NewcastleBLOOD sucking bedbugs are ready to invade Britons’ homes and latch onto their duvets and pillows. Pest control experts have warned a “perfect storm” of a hot summer followed by a mild winter has created ideal breeding conditions for the insects.

Holidaymakers have been told their homes could have been invaded in their absence and they could even have brought the bedbugs in from abroad.

Rob Simpson, managing director of independent pest controllers register Basis Prompt, said: “People often associate an increase in the number of bedbugs with the warm weather, but it is far more likely to be caused by trips abroad or even hotel stays in this country.

“Families can bring them home in luggage or clothing and would never suspect a thing.

“The first time they know about it is when they wake up with a rash which can be itchy for days.”

The UK has been victim to an explosion of bedbugs in the last decade. The critters feast on our blood and leave irritating bite marks.

They leave no trace other than bite marks which can leave small specks of blood on sheets and pillows.

Richard Moseley, Technical Manager from the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), said we are in the midst of peak bed bug activity.

He said: “This is the time of year when bedbug activity is at its height because of the warmer conditions.

“When they are more active they feed on a more regular basis and they take blood because they want protein to lay eggs.

“An infestation of bedbugs does not happen overnight – it can happen over weeks or even months.

“It does take time before people realise them haven’t got this problem.”

Mr Simpson advised anyone who thinks their home has been infested by bedbugs that tackling the pests is best done by professionals.

He said: “Getting rid of bedbugs is notoriously difficult because they live and lay eggs in the cracks of bed frames and skirting boards or burrow inside mattresses.

“Most normal insecticides won’t kill the eggs and, while people might think the problem has gone away, fresh eggs can soon hatch.

“The best advice is to bring in an expert controller who’ll use their experience and know-how to get rid of the problem once and for all.

“If people try to deal with issues themselves or call in unqualified help, infestations could get out of hand.”

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