Children evacuated from London hospital ward after fox falls through ceiling-Fox control Newcastle

Children had to be evacuated from part of a hospital in London after a fox fell through the ceiling into the paediatric ward.

The unexpected visitor at North Middlesex University Hospital, in Edmonton, caused the area to be closed for several days while repairs were carried out.

A spokesperson said no-one was hurt during the incident, which happened in a “non-patient” part of the ward in June.

“There were eight patients on the ward at the time,” he added

“The ward was temporarily relocated to another part of the hospital for a few days.”

The urban fox is believed to have climbed onto the roof and into the hospital during construction work.

The RSPCA was called to collect the startled animal, which was not injured by the fall, but the rescue was called off when the fox escaped through an open window.

“It’s not something I’ve ever heard of happening before,” a spokesperson said.

Security has now been improved in the 1970s tower block to make it more difficult for animals to gain access.

A string of suspected fox attacks have been reported in London in recent years, prompting warnings for well-meaning residents to stop leaving food out for the animals.

A baby boy had his finger bitten off by a fox in Bromley, south-east London, in February last year, leading Boris Johnson to label them “a pest and a menace”.

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