Evidence of ‘rat infestation’ and E.coli risk found at Indian restaurant

RATA RAT infestation and an E.coli risk were flagged up at an Indian restaurant where hygiene practices fell below legal standards.

Inspectors slammed the Jaipur Cottage (above), in Alrewas, and ordered its management to hire pest control for its vermin-infested bin area.

Management at the Kings Bromley Road site were told to ‘pest proof’ its food storage areas and remove rubbish from the outside of the premises.

In the report, inspectors said: “There is evidence of a rat infestation in the bin area.

Your pest contractor should be called immediately and treatment carried out as necessary to eradicate the rats.”

In the scathing report from Lichfield District Council, officers uncovered a catalogue of illegal practices at the restaurant – which could be the subject of legal action.

They claimed kitchen staff did not wash their hands before touching food, raw meat was kept above, and prepared next to, ready-to-eat food – a practice which risked E.coli contamination.

The restaurant’s management was told to provide a designated area for handling and storing raw foods to ensure cooked foods are not contaminated.

Inspectors said in the report: “It was evident that staff were not washing their hands before starting to prepare foods.

“Staff must know when hand washing is essential and how to do it properly.

“It is therefore critical that all relevant staff are trained and verified as competent in hand washing techniques.”

Helen Spearey, strategic director for health at Lichfield District Council, said a re-inspection – booked because the findings were ‘so serious’ – has revealed the rat infestation had been dealt with.

She added that a third inspection is planned, and if more improvements are not made, the authority would consider legal action.

The Mail was unable to reach anyone at the Jaipur Cottage for comment before going to press.

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