Feral Pigeons at Oxford Greggs store prove to be a pest

Feral Pigeons at Oxford Greggs store prove to be a pestEnvironmental Health Officers were called in to the Greggs store in Oxford following reports that pigeons had forced a Greggs shop to throw away food and close for business.

The shop in Headington, Oxford had reported feral pigeons invading the shop and helping themselves to food.

Greggs would not say if the incident was a one off.

A sign on the front door reading “Sorry we are shut. Pigeon again.”was used to keep customers informed

A statement from Greggs said: “Food hygiene is our top priority and we are proud of our great reputation for serving fresh, quality food in a safe and clean environment.”

This is a difficult one, Greggs can’t close the doors to the outside world without suffering a loss of turnover. Maybe a pigeon trapping program should be setup by the local council. 

If you would like information on pigeon trapping or any other pest control matter please call 0191 6450795 for a chat.

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