Filthy conditions were uncovered by inspectors at Roti Factory in Leyton on Tuesday

Pest Control NewcastleA kebab shop has been shutdown this week after inspectors found a rat-infestation was a risk to health.

Roti Factory, in Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, was visited by Waltham Forest Council’s environmental health team for a routine inspection on Tuesday.

It was immediately closed after it was found there was no hot water and rat droppings were discovered in food prepearation and storage areas.

Rats had managed to gain access to the premises through the poor drainage system and, once inside, they were able to access the food preperation area through holes in the wall and loose skirting boards.

The council inspector went to Stratford Magistrates Court yesterday to obtain a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice to stop the business from operating until it removes the risk and improves hygiene standards.

The court also ordered Roti Factory to pay the council’s costs of £564.

It is understood the business will be allowed to re-open once the “imminent risk” caused by the infestation is removed.

Councillor Clyde Loakes, deputy leader and cabinet member for environment, said, “The imminent risk can sometimes be addressed fairly swiftly and the business re-opened. “But rest assured we will be paying attention to the long term improvements that need to be made and we will progress a prosecution against the owners if success is deemed likely.”

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