Fox attacks baby and bites off a finger in Bromley London

Fox Attack LondonLondon Police are investigating an attack on a one month old baby by a Fox. The incident happened in Bromley, South East  London.

The baby was left with a serious hand injury after the Fox entered through an open back door, crept into his bedroom  and dragged him from his cot. The babies screaming alerted his mother who rushed into the child’s room to see the Fox dragging the baby along by his hand.

The mother managed to free the child but by then the Fox had bitten the finger off.

The baby was taken to hospital for treatment.

Fox attacks on humans are rare but they do seem to be on the increase in urban areas.

In 2010 9 month old twins were attacked in their cots. Also in 2010 a toddler in Brighton was attacked by a fox.

In 2004 an 88 year old lady was attacked in her garden whilst feeding her cat.

In 2003 A four year old was bitten on the arm by a fox in her bedroom.

In 2002 a 14 week old baby suffered puncture wounds to the head after a fox attacked in the living room of his house.

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