Indian restaurant fined £3000 for rodent infestation

Mouse control is an important part in controlling pest mice in NewcastleThe restaurant in Lincoln is being taken to court for fourteen breaches of the hygiene laws, one being an infestation of mice. Abdul Samad of the Sarga Indian Restaurant was fined £3000.

The Sarga had a serious infestation of mice and food items had been gnawed, a hole in the flooring was allowing to mice access to the premises..

The restaurant at North Hykeham had recently only scored “One” on the scores on the doors.


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No mention of a pest control contractor being in place and supplying ongoing pest control. to this premises. 

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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    With a history of none compliance shouldn’t the EHO of been keeping a closer eye on this place. I know from experience if the people are lacking in health and hygiene they are quickly going to lapse back into and easy routine.


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