Infestation-hit 99p Store reopens

RAMSGATE’s 99p Storeimgres has reopened after the mouse infestation which closed the shop for two weeks was destroyed.

Thanet council ordered the closure of the chain store’s High Street outlet on March 3 after worried customers reported mice at the property.

Magistrates then issued a court order last Friday, closing the building to the public until the mice had been eliminated.

Luckily for bargain hunters, the store has reopened today (Monday) after the infestation was dealt with sufficiently.

A business involved in the sale of food which suffers infestation cannot be reopened until vermin are destroyed and the building complies with food hygiene laws.

Inspectors who visited the store a fortnight ago deemed that: “inadequate controls had taken place and there was an imminent risk to public health.”

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