Isle of Dogs rat infestation leaves Kedge House residents hysterical

pest control Newcastle ratA man living in a rat-infested tower block said he fears for his children’s health and labelled repeated attempts to eradicate the rodents “pathetic”. Mahfuzar Rahman, 56, of Kedge House, Tiller Road, Isle of Dogs, said the rats constantly run between the kitchen and bathroom in the home where he lives with his son, six, and daughter, nine. One family has even moved out of the building as a result of the infestation, according to another resident. Mr Rahman said the rats are a “big worry” and housing association One Housing Group, which manages the 10-storey block, have failed to offer a permanent solution. Resident Leanne Ward, 39, said she can hear the rodents running about in the cavity of her kitchen walls. She described the smell as “so horrendous” she is often unable to cook, adding she constantly updates One Housing about the problem. She said: “One of my neighbours was in hysterics after finding droppings on her living room floor and I often see the rats running around in the lobby. “An environmental health officer told the housing association the problem needed addressing from the outside but this still hasn’t been done.” Debbie Simone, Labour council candidate in Canary Wharf ward on the Isle of Dogs, said she is concerned the issue is not being addressed properly. She added: “The smell hits you as you walk in and you can hear the pitter-patter of feet and squeaking in the walls. “It’s awful for the kids not being able to bring friends home because they’re so embarrassed. I can’t believe these people are expected to live in these conditions.” One Housing Support have said they are aware of widespread problems with rodents affecting much of the Isle of Dogs and that their properties are not immune. They added they are working with Tower Hamlets council to identify and resolve potential problem areas but said residents also needed educating, particularly in disposing of refuse responsibly.

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