Mouse Infested Restaurant in Oldham

A restaurant owner has been sentenced after his premises were found to be dirty and unhygienic. The case was brought against Mr Wen He by Oldham Council after officers from the Environmental Health Department visited the Imperial City,  Yorkshire Street, Oldham on August 18 last year.

Pest control and mice control in NewcastleThe premises have remained closed since then. During the investigation an active and uncontrolled mouse infestation was found as well as poor cleaning to the structure and equipment.  Mouse droppings were found throughout the premises. Several flies were seen during the visit, many landing on food preparation surfaces. Several chopping blocks were in a poor condition and there were no facilities for staff to dry their hands after washing them.

This was the second time the restaurant had been brought to the attention of the Council because of a mouse infestation. In September 2010 Mr He voluntarily closed the business and was warned that cleaning and pest control were not satisfactory and needed to be improved. On Tuesday, February 19 Mr He of Yorkshire Street , Oldham pleaded guilty to six charges under the Food Hygiene Act (England) Regulations 2006 at Oldham Magistrates Court. Because the offences were deemed so serious sentencing was deferred to Manchester Crown Court. On March 25 Mr He was handed a fine of £12,000 with costs of £1,700 awarded to the Council. Councillor Jean Stretton, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Devolved Services, said “Oldham Council takes matters like this very seriously and we are committed to ensuring there are no serious lapses in food hygiene in premises across the Borough. “To protect the health and safety of our residents we will not hesitate to take action in cases like these.’ “Restaurant owners who run food establishments must comply with food hygiene laws or be prepared to face the consequences.”

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