Neighbors alerted after fox attacks dog in North Reading Fox control on Newcastle and DurhamNORTH READING, Mass. (WHDH) – North Reading animal control is warning residents of a fox attack that happened in the area early Thursday morning.

Officials said that a fox attacked a resident’s small dog while it was outside. The fox then took the dog into the wood line.

“In the case of domestic animals certainly to the extent possible that  smaller animals be kept inside and when they’re brought outside they be kept  on a leash and that the owner keep a close eye on them,” North Reading Town Administrator Michael Gilberto said.

Officials believe the fox may be somewhere between Anglewood Lane and Fairbanks Lane and neighbors say they are worried.

“I feel terrible, that’s a terrible thing you know. Family pet, that’s really sad,” Colleen Pennie, a neighbor, said. “They don’t usually come near us so I’m surprised that the fox came out and grabbed someone’s animal.”

Officials say they don’t believe the fox is rabid, and while small animals are at risk if left outside alone foxes usually scamper off when a human is around.

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