Professional Pest Control in Stockton


If you would like to hire the services of a company who can help you with pest control in Stockton, then Pest Pro Environmental Services is who you need. You will find that our NPTA accredited and well trained team has the means to help clients struggling with a range of pest problems. Our knowledge and skills are to a very high standard and we complete our jobs discreetly and thoroughly. With our competitive pricing and first class customer service, clients throughout Durham, Cleveland, Newcastle and Sunderland can benefit from reliable pest control. Why not contact us for more information? 

How Can We Help you?

Our pest control in Stockton is accessible to both commercial and domestic clients, and we make sure that we thoroughly examine and understand the problem or needs that you have so that we can put in place the best measures to get rid of or deter an infestation of pests. 

Commercial clients who are seeking pest control in Stockton can benefit from the intensive surveys that we carry out, where we will locate potential vulnerabilities to pests, and any areas that may not comply with legislation, and make sure that we provide you with recommendations to rectify this. In our search, if we do find evidence that you have an infestation, then we will get our team straight onto it, providing the relevant pest control in Stockton. We have worked with a huge range of different industries, including, but not limited to; hotels, rail network, hospitals, restaurants, warehouses and retail premises, so you can rely on us to know how to tailor our services to meet your industry specific needs. 

For our domestic clients we will make sure that any problem that you are facing with wasps, insects, rodents and many other pests, are identified and then treated efficiently by our trained team. We arrive promptly after you contact us, and in a discreet manner, carrying out our pest control in Stockton to a very high standard, and once we have finished, we will be able to offer you professional advice on how to reduce the risk of the infestation happening again.

Need Help with Birds? 

Our pest control in Stockton can deal with a range of different pests, but they are not the only animals that are capable of causing problems, birds can also be the cause of damage and frustration too. Birds can be responsible for buildings looking dirty and unwelcoming due to their droppings, and as well as this it can also carry diseases, and our team can provide dropping removal services. Just as with our pest control in Stockton, we can put measures in place to deter the birds from your building including things such as; solar panel proofing, wiring, netting and spikes to go on your building, and Avishock too. 

Ways to Reach our Team

You will be able to discuss our methods of pest control in Stockton, and the problems that you might be having by giving us a call on 0800 1971865 or 0191 486 2402. If you want to message us then you can write to us at, or use the form that has been provided on our contact page