As a Pest Control Company we must provide alot of information about chemicals we use, please find listed below MSDS for most but not all of the products we use.



Material Safety Data Sheets for Rodenticides we may use

Romax D Block  –  Used in pest control treatments to control mice and rats.

Rentokil Deadline Difenacoum Paste Bait –  Used to treat mice during regular pest control inspections.

Romax Difenacoum Whole Wheat – Used to control rats and mice.


 Material Safety Data Sheets for Insecticides we may use

Bayer Aquapy – For the control of Flies, Mosquitoes, Stored Product Moths and Tobacco Beetles

Bayer Quick Bayt – Paint on insecticide for the treatment of flies

Maxforce White IC – Used in treatments against German Cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches and American Cockroaches

Maxforce Quantum –  Can be used in treatments against Pharaoh Ants (Monomorium pharaonis)  Ghost Ants (Tapinoma malenocephalum) Black Ants (Lasius niger)  Argentine Ants (Linepithema humile)

Bayer Flying Insect Killer – Used in the treatment of flies, mosquitoes and other small flying insects by application as a space and surface spray. Can also be used against crawling insects such as ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas

Ficam-W – Used to control cockroaches, ants, fleas, flies, adult mosquitoes, stored product pests, bed bugs, carpet pests, wasps, bees, silverfish and other bristle tails, ground beetles, earwigs, crickets, booklice, spiders, woodlice, centipedes, millipedes, ticks and thrips.

Ficam-D –  is recommended for the control of flies, cockroaches, ants, fleas, stored product insect pests, bed bugs, carpet pests, wasps, bees, silverfish and other bristle tails, ground beetles, earwigs, crickets, booklice, spiders, woodlice, centipedes, millipedes, ticks and thrips.

Rentokil Insectaban – For the control of insects such as fleas, flies, wasps, moths, bedbugs, beetles and booklice. For use in domestic and commercial premises, hospitals, hotels, food factories and other industrial premises.

ULV400– Broad spectrum insecticide used in the control og many flying insects and crawling insects.

 ULV500 – Broad spectrum insecticide used in the control og many flying insects and crawling insects.



Material Safety Data Sheets for other products we may use

 No Stat – A combined antistatic and cleaner for treatment of carpets and other surfaces.

 OA2Ki – Organic insecticide used to control many flying and crawling insects including ants, fleas, cockroaches and bed bugs.

PX-Ornikill – contains a powerful biocide which will kill the bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and rikettsiales (including Chlamydia, E coli O157, Salmonella, Listeria and Cryptococcus and others) commonly associated with pigeons, starlings, gulls and other pest birds.



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