Signs of bed bug infestation

Unexplained rash

An unexplained rash or raised area on the skin could be an allergy or bite from another insect, not necessarily a bedbug.
30% Chance you have bedbugs

Bites on the skin

Bites on the skin still aren’t positive evidence of a bedbug infestation. They could be a bite from another insect such as a flea or mosquito.
45% Chance you have bedbugs

Black spots on the sheets

Black spots on the sheets, pillow case, duvet or around the bed could well be the faecal marks left by bedbugs.
65% Chance you have bedbugs

Cast bedbug skins

Bedbug exuviae or cast skins can usually be found around the harbourage of bedbugs.
70% Chance you have bedbugs
They can be brought into your premises on the bottom of bags and possible in clothes.

Dead bed bugs

Dead bedbugs found around your bed are a good sign that you have a bedbug infestation.
80% Chance you have bedbugs

Live bedbugs

If you have found live bedbugs around your bed or on your bed linen you can be sure you have bedbugs.
100% certain you have a bedbug infestation.

Unexplained rash 30%
Bites on the skin 45%
Black spots on the sheets 65%
Cast skins 70%
Dead Bedbugs 80%
Live Bedbugs 100% certain you have bedbugs

If you have found several of these signs of bedbug infestation you need professional help inspect and possibly control them