Insecticidal Fly Treatments

Fly Treatments/Fly Fogging to Waste Reception and Treatment Sites and Landfill Sites

Fly and seagull control on landfill sites in North East of England

Pest Pro carry out state of the art fly treatments using Ultra Low Volume insecticides, Insecticidal Dusts and Insecticidal Paint Treatments. Treatments can be carried out to waste reception sites, waste transfer stations and waste treatment works. Typically the pest flies treated are House Flies, Lesser House Flies, Blue Bottles, Blow flies and Cluster Flies.

To obtain a quotation for insecticidal treatments to control flies in waste reception areas and waste transfer stations please get in touch

Other methods of control available include, treatment of fly alighting surfaces with a contact insecticide, fly traps that are placed around external bin areas and Electric Fly Killers