12 months in the life of a fox

12 months in the life of a fox
JanuaryThe mating season. This is when territories are well established and vocal activity at night starts to decline.
FebruaryThe vixen seeks out a den (or earth/set), which she may be actively excavating.
In the case of the urban fox, this may be under decking or garden shed.
MarchThe cubs are born, and the vixen stays underground while her mate hunts and scavengers for food.
Spoiled food quickly litters the outside of the den.
AprilThe cubs start to appear outside the den.
MayThe cubs are now eating some solid food brought in by both parents.
JuneThe cubs are weaned from their mother’s milk and stay above ground most of the time.
JulyThe parents begin to provide less food to encourage the cubs to start fending for themselves.
AugustThe cubs begin to forage and become less dependent on their parents.
SeptemberCubs are now fully grown. Natural food is plentiful and they start to forage on their own.
In the case of the urban fox, more often than not the food will be scavenged.
OctoberFamilies begin to break up and young animals start to disperse.
NovemberAdults fight with young animals, causing further dispersion.
DecemberFoxes are highly territorial and nocturnal vocalisation reaches its peak.

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