Do you need fox control

  1. Do not feed foxes intentionally.
    If you feed foxes in your garden or adjacent to your property stop immediately. Foxes are quite capable of finding there own food in a urban environment. And you are encouraging more foxes into the area, by regularly feeding a fox you shrink its area enabling more foxes to move into the vacated space.
  2. Do not feed foxes unintentionally.
    Make sure that foxes cant access food you put out for the birds, pets or other back garden wildlife.
  3. Put your food waste in bins with securely fastened lids.
    Avoid leaving rubbish sacks or black bin bags unprotected.
  4. Move natural food sources.
    If you have fruit trees remove the fruit as soon as it falls.
  5. Leather jackets and other insects in grassed areas often draw foxes into gardens and lead to the destruction of lawns.
    Most lawn insects can be treated with a commercial insecticide.
  6. Blood and Bone used whilst planting can also attract foxes into your garden as it smells like a cache of food.
  7. Small pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits are an easy meal for urban foxes, ensure they are kept in a fox proof enclosure especially on an evening and at night time.
  8. It is possible to proof your garden against foxes, a mesh fence 2m high and buried into the ground at least 45cm, ideally the fence should have a 50cm overhang away from the garden, or failing that a smooth panel of at least 40cm at the top of the fence
  9. Chemical fox repellents are available, although I have witnessed foxes walking in undeterred by them.
    The repellents do not harm the foxes physically they merely don’t like the smell.
  10. If foxes have started excavating in your garden, fill in the holes as soon as you notice them. If you are cetain the holes aren’t complete fill them in with loose soil. N.B.  Ensure that the holes aren’t part of a badger sett as that would be illegal without a license.

If you still require fox control please contact us

Please be assured as a professional pest controller we will deal with your fox problem in both a professional and humane manner.

We use Ethical Control Methods and all foxes are controlled humanely and using only methods allowed under British Law

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