Verminous House Clearance and Fumigation

a Verminous house clearance quoted for in Newcastle

The circumstances which require a house clearance are usually very stressful, our clearance service aims to take the stress out of this part, and to make it as easy for you as possible.

When a house is left unattended for a length of time many things start to decay, if the electricity fails or is switched of things in the fridge and freezer will decompose at an alarming rate. Causing foul smells and pungent odours to circulate throughout the property. The decaying foodstuffs will often attract rodent and insect interest causing a verminous environment and calling for a Verminous House Clearance, which includes insecticidal spray treatments to control pest insects and rat and mice control measures usually using traps.

If you would like a quotation for cleaning work or advice on a verminous house clearance get in touch

Our House Clearance service can include before and after photographs for estate agents, disposal of all furnishings, repairs and decorating if required.