One off Pest Control Treatments

Usually a series of three Pest Control treatments to rid a property of a rodent infestation.

A breakback mouse trap loaded with cheese
  1. On the first visit a thorough pest control inspection of the internal areas of the property and external perimeter will be made. A report of the findings will be made in which we will point out areas of high pest risk along with advice on procedures to reduce risks. We will then bait appropriately for any pest infestation found.
  2. A follow up visit will be made after the appropriate length of time. On this pest control visit we will inspect again and re-bait adding extra baiting points if required. An inspection for dead rodents will be made at this time.
  3. On the third and hopefully final pest control visit we will thoroughly inspect again and withdraw all baits.

If you have rat or mice and require a treatment, or would like a quote to treat your premises, please get in touch

If you have recurring rodent activity it may be worth asking us about contract pest prevention services.