Pigeon lady faces court for ‘breaking no-feeding Asbo’

Feral Pigeon sitting on a nestA pensioner known as The Pigeon Lady of Pimlico is to stand trial for allegedly breaching her Asbo by feeding birds.

Nadia Lee, 66, spent 25 years scattering seed on the pavements near to her home and taking home injured pigeons in Gucci and Prada handbags for “homeopathy treatment”.

Westminster council investigated after complaints that her activities attracted rats and covered cars in pigeon droppings. One neighbour accused her of creating “squalor on an industrial scale”.

She was given an Asbo at Westminster Magistrates Court in December 2011, which banned her from feeding birds near her £750,000 home for three years. At a plea and case management hearing on Friday, Southwark Crown Court heard that Lee, a privately-educated former secretary, suffers from multiple personality disorder.

Lee elected for a Crown Court trial and her case will be heard in January.

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