Pub thief turns out to be a hungry fox who broke in for snacks

A pub burglar turned out to be much smaller and hairier than the owner expected – when he put his hand under a chair in the smashed-up hostelry, and found a fox hiding there.

The urban fox had wreaked levels of devastation that wouldn’t shame a whole gang of human thieves – tearing curtains, breaking glass and leaving piles of poo on the floor.

The key clue was a set of sooty pawprints across the floor in The Beehive, leading towards the bar’s supply of crisps.

The bold-as-brass beast was ‘not in any hurry to leave’, and appeared to have entered the premises via the chimney.

Bartender Tim Carter promptly pushed the furry raider out the door with a broom.

No charges were brought.

Tim said: ‘He seemed quite happy in the pub. It didn’t want to leave but we got him out.’

‘It made me jump. I went to pick up one of the things that were chewed up and it was an inch from my hand. We expected it to be a rat, or a dog.

‘When I came in I started picking everything up and Andy came at 11.50am and that’s when we realised the fox was there. It was hiding under a bench and watching us.

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