Rat ‘infestation’ close to Hatfield supermarket reported

Welwyn Hatfield Council has had three reports of the vermin near the town centre’s Asda store. One resident claimed his daughter saw seven rats run along a path in just 15 minutes. David Aitken said: “What is being done about this infestation? “If she saw seven, how many more are running around?

Rat control by professional contractors in Newcastle“This so close to food outlets. It is not very satisfactory.” The borough has confirmed it would be speaking to Asda about the reports, but a spokesman said they did not seem to be swarming from council-owned land. A spokesman for the authority said: “Ultimately we do have some powers to enforce action on private landowners regarding pest control, but we do not envisage needing to use these in this instance.” An Asda spokesman said the company only became aware of the potential problem after the Welwyn Hatfield Times raised it, and added: “Categorically, as was stated, there are no issues.”

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