Rat infestation closes Peterborough primary school

Brown Rat -Pest Control Newcastle Pest ProAbout 240 youngsters at Bishop Creighton Academy, in Vineyard Road, Eastgate, were sent home at about 10am following the discovery of the rodents in the school toilets. Staff were hoping the academy would be open on Thursday after the infestation had been dealt with. A spokeswoman for the academy said: “We have been forced to close because of a health and safety and environment issue.” Jonathan Lewis, Peterborough City Council’s head of corporate property and children’s resources, said: “We are aware of a vermin infestation at Bishop Creighton and as a precaution the school took the decision to close. “The infestation was limited to one toilet area and it is being dealt with urgently. “It is hoped that the school will reopen on Thursday and as far as we are aware at no point was vermin seen inside the school. “We are staying in contact with the school and supporting them if possible.” A council spokeswoman confirmed the infestation was rats. Parents spoke of their anger, and one father, who did not wish to be named, said all they had been told was they had to pick up their children from school because of a ‘health and safety issue,’ ?and children were being kept in the hall until parents arrived. A resident living on Vineyard Road near the school, who did not wish to be named, said he had seen rats in the street at night near the school.

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