Rat infestation ‘is ruining our lives’ says family

A family say a rat infestation in a neighbour’s garden is ruining their summer.

pest control in SunderlandNatalie Cousins, 20, and her partner Ben Brasher, 22, claim their garden is plagued by rodents coming from a neighbouring property and it is preventing them from using their garden.

When the News visited the family, a dead rat was lying on the gravel.

The couple, who live in a Sanctuary Housing property in Parade Lane, Ely, claim they have been complaining about the rats for about five months.

However, the housing association told the News it had only recently been made aware of the issue and it is trying to resolve it.

Natalie, who lives with her partner and sons, Charlie, 3, and Bentley, 18 months, said only last week, Charlie was lying in the garden when a rat ran across his chest.

She said: “It’s terrifying. The amount of diseases that rats carry are unreal and I just don’t feel like it’s safe to let my children into the garden.

“The problem lies with a shed in a neighbour’s gardens.

“Instead of putting rubbish out for collection this person throws it into the shed.

“It’s not only making our family’s lives a misery but also our other neighbours’, and it’s not our responsibility to sort the rats.

“Sanctuary are our landlords – it’s their responsibility.”

Natalie has now written to South-east Cambridgeshire MP Jim Paice for help.

A spokeswoman for Sanctuary said: “We have recently been made aware of the situation and are working with the tenants to help resolve the issue.”

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