Rat infested restaurants closed down

Rattus norvegicus-Brown Rat coming through paperTwo rat infested Tottenham restaurants were closed down immediately by council environmental health officers recently after they found rodent mess, structural defects, filth and extremely poor hygiene practices in both premises.

When officers visited Station Chicken Express of 61a White Hart Lane, Tottenham on 29 January they found evidence of rats and mice, no hot water, poor general hygiene standards, piles of rubbish and structural defects which were a health risk and allowed rats to enter.

Council officers used a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice to close down the shop until this was rubber stamped by Tottenham Magistrates on 13 February.

Another restaurant, The Dragon Inn, a Chinese takeaway of 49 The Roundway, Tottenham, was also shut down on 7 February after council Environmental Health Officers found a rat infestation in the storage area, mice in the food areas, droppings around the premises, structural defects, neglected waste and general filth.

A previous improvement notice issued by the council had been ignored.

The Dragon Inn was immediately closed pending a Hygiene Prohibition Order which was issued by magistrates on 13 February.

Cllr Nilgun Canver, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “It’s really disgraceful that some restaurants believe they can risk the health of their customers by not adhering to even the most basic hygiene standards. All of us expect that when we get a takeaway or go out to dinner the food has been prepared and cooked according to food safety laws. I can only stress that we will continue to make checks on premises and will follow up leads if we get reports of poor hygiene standards in Haringey premises.”

Both businesses have now been reinspected and have reopened after substantial improvements. Council officers will continue to visits these shops and will take formal action to ensure they continue to comply with food safety law.

By poppy_smith of  https://www.highgatepeople.co.uk

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