School fights apparent rat infestation in staff room (Singapore)

pest control in SunderlandA primary school in Choa Chu Kang has instructed its teachers to be on their guard against rats after an apparent infestation in its staff room.

The principal of Unity Primary, Mrs Manjit Gill, has written to them explaining that the issue is being taken “very seriously”.

Another circular dubbed “Exercise: Goodbye Rats” advised teachers to stay away from the staff room from yesterday until Friday while a pest control company tackles the problem.

The Straits Times understands that the infestation has been going on for several months, with rat droppings and urine found on tables and in corners of the staff room.

Teachers found that the rodents had even gnawed through plastic containers to eat their food.

Glue traps were initially laid but when the problem persisted, rat poison was used. When staff returned after a weekend to a stench, cleaners picked up several carcases, although live rats have also been seen.

While Staff Room 1 is believed to be the main problem area, rat faeces has also been spotted in classrooms.

Teachers have been instructed to follow a series of measures to ensure that food is not consumed, kept or disposed of in the staff room so the school can “eliminate this problem to some extent”.

They were also told to remove “all things that are causing a clutter” and to ensure that “any cubicle that needs spring cleaning is cleaned thoroughly”.

The letter detailed the timeline of the pest control measures, which were due to begin yesterday with poison baits being laid, and checks for trails in the ceiling.

When The Straits Times visited the school yesterday, a team from Dynamic Pest Control was present.

The school said it had taken immediate action to address the issue, including engaging a pest control company, and the rats’ food sources have been eliminated .

The school’s operations manager declined to allow reporters to view Staff Room 1, saying visitors were not allowed in and that the room is being renovated.

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