Urban Fox Breaks Into Zoo And Slaughters 14 Penguins

An urban fox broke into a zoo and slaughtered 14 penguins before making its escape, zookeepers said this week.
Fox control experts are now trying to track down the attacker in Melbourne zoo – and the surviving 15 penguins are being kept isolated in a secure area.
The zoo’s Justin Valentine said that the survivors are being housed in temporary accommodation in an area used as the penguin feeding school.

Keepers had suspected for some days that a fox had broken into the zoo – and pest control experts are currently trying to track it down.
Valentine said, ‘Keepers had suspected for the past week that a fox had managed to enter the zoo, but so far the traps and camera traps set up have been unsuccessful in locating it.
‘As the zoo’s 22 hectares include large areas of densely planted vegetation and it is surrounded by parkland, it is relatively easy for a fox to hide during the day.’

Urban fox looking worse for wear. Showing that fos control is necessary in city centres