‘Widespread mouse infestation’ found in Guernsey cafe

House MouseThe owners of Guernsey’s Boulangerie Victor Hugo on St Georges Esplanade has pleaded guilty to five food hygiene offences and admitted five further offences were not pursued.

Environmental Health officers visited the eatery in May 2013 and found a ‘widespread mouse infestation.’

The business then closed its doors voluntarily and after the infestation was dealt with, the restaurant was allowed to open again.

It was then visited several times by health officers and issued with improvement notices.

But despite a number of further visits by Environmental Health, none of the notices were completed and it’s cleanliness and practices were still found to be unacceptable.

The business has today been fined £9,000.

Officers routinely inspect all local food businesses to offer advice and to ensure compliance with legal standards. Unfortunately in this instance standards seen and the risks to public health were unacceptable. As the food business operator could not demonstrate improvements, the appropriate action available to the Department was taken. Whilst it is regrettable when it is not possible to achieve a suitable outcome without recourse to the courts in this instance, protecting public health and safety must always be our primary objective. In this case prosecution has been necessary and the level of fine determined by the courts reflects the serious nature of the offences.

– Dr Valerie Cameron, Director of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation
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