Wood Mouse

Slightly larger than the House Mouse with a proportionally longer tail -on average the same length as the body. The Wood mouse has light brown fur with a distinctive pale belly and characteristic large ears and bulging eyes. Also known as the long-tailed field mouse

Wood mice have similar life-cycle and nutritional needs to the House Mouse. Generally the Wood mice are found outdoors, entering houses and outbuildings for shelter and food but nesting in the open for much of the time whereas the House Mouse, given sufficient resources, will more readily complete full generations without leaving the house or building that it’s living in. The Wood mouse is similar to another typically outdoor mouse, the yellow-neck mouse which can be distinguished by a band of yellowish fur around the neck.

As the Wood mouse is largely an outdoor pest, we would only advise control if the mice are entering buildings or causing damage. Control of the Wood mouse is the same as that of the House Mouse and a combination of traps and chronic (slow working) baits such as anticoagulants should be effective. Again proofing of gaps to deny entry should be considered to try to prevent or restrict infestations

Wood Mouse in Woods